Organic (BIO) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Variety: Hojiblanca / Arbequina
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging: 250 ml /500 ml /750 ml / 1 l
    Glass or PET
  • Certification: CAAE

The Factory is placed in the North of Málaga, right in the geographic center of Andalucía, in Sierra de Yeguas location.

It was founded in 1999 thanks to the huge effort made by the local farmers. They all joined to improve their production and, at the same time, to produce an extra virgin olive oil of high quality in order to satisfy the most demanding palate.

The production is unique and limited, which allows a quality controlled milling.

The factory has since its creation a milling line for ecological olives, which makes it possible to have a very complete offer for our customers.


The varieties are Hojiblanca and Arbequina olives from the north of Antequera, exclusively from tree.

Arbequina: Green and yellow oils, from perfumed almonds with a fresh and fruity fragance. Their flavour varies depending on the type of land and climate. These oils are very soft, with a light, sweet, delicate taste of bitter almond and fragance of ripe fruit.

Hojiblanca: these olives have a wide range of flavours, mainly of vegetables. The ordinary features are the sweetness at the beginning of the tasting, fruity fresh grass smell, slightly bitter green fruit and other fruits which sometimes resemble a fruit salad, slightly spicy taste in the throat and nutty flavour at the end.


The olives are ground after being in the hoppers of the cooperative the ideal rest time (between 8 and 16 hours). A first cold extraction is made and then the oil obtained from this process, unfiltered, is stored in stainless steel storage cabinets for better conservation. The whole process is automatic and takes place under the watchful eye of the master mill, observing the quality and hygiene standards required by current legislation.

Ecological Certification:

The Andalusian Committee for Ecological Agriculture (CAAE by its initials in Spanish) is the agency for the development of certified agriculture and livestock. Overall it is the agency that oversees the quality and production processes for the ecological olive oil in Andalucia, in order to comply with the strict European regulations.


It’s very soft on the palate with great fragrance, mixed taste with fruity olive, green grass and ripe fruits. It is smooth with a slightly spicy aftertaste and a medium acidity of 0.2 º.