Xeres Vinegar O.D.

  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging: 250 ml /500 ml /750 ml / 1 l
    Glass or PET
  • Certification: ES-AN-03-AE

With a mahogany colour, a fresh and powerful aroma, the Xeres vinegar keeps most of the qualities of the wine used to produce it.

The Xeres vinegar is obtained from the Xeres wines with DO, which are made following the traditional methods of grape harvesting, elaboration and fermentation in the barrels. Vinegar is obtained from a process of fermentation that uses special bacteria to convert alcohol and oxygen in acetic acid and water. Once the Xeres wine began to ferment, it “matures” through a process called “criaderas y soleras”. While it is fermenting, the Xeres vinegar needs a lot of oxygen and fresh air, because the bacteria needs oxygen to produce the acetic acid. Therefore, wineries have to be well-aired, so they usually have a very high ceiling and are south or southwest oriented in order to benefit from the sea wind.

Once the slow and progressive process of fermentation is complete, after at least 6 months, the Xeres vinegar is deeply coloured, strongly aromatic and intensely tasty. Its total acidity must be of a minimum of 70g/liter and in any case the content in residual alcohol must be more than 3% in volume (do not forget that the wine it comes from has usually a 9,5% of alcohol). Its main characteristic is the slight and soft caramel taste.

Xeres vinegar is an essential condiment in the traditional Andalusian cuisine, like the gazpacho, and can add a strong flavour to a sauce, salad, vinaigrette or any dressing…