Zamorano Cheese O.D. | Wedge

  • Animal: Sheep
  • Milk: Raw
  • Maturation: 3 - 6 months
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Packaging: 220 g
  • Certification: ES-ECO-016-CL, CRDO

It is a matured cheese manufactured in the Fariza region. It is produced in a dairy farm reformed to meet the conditions necessary for obtaining the DOP and the certificate of organic production.

The cheese is made from sheep milked after the sale of their lambs. For this purpose, the milking machines that are used have ideal conditions for comfort and guarantee optimal hygiene conditions for the sheep. Within the following 24 hours the cheese is manufactured in a dairy farm that had been reformed at the beginning of the project to meet the conditions necessary to obtain the DOP and the certificate of organic production.

Fariza, where the Zamorano is produced, is a region of conservative farming, with methods of raising and living that remain very traditional until today. The producer of the Zamorano is a shepherd of the ancient times. Each sheep has a name that refers to the day it was born, the weather conditions that day, some specific event or a special feature.

Since he's 15 years old, the producer spends all his time with the sheep, which enables him to know them by heart and to treat them in the best possible way.

"If the sheep are happy, then we are happy too", is the favorite quote from this producer who puts all his heart and his life in his farm, which made him win the prize Ecocultura 2006 for best producer and best manufacturer of Castilla and León. Well-known for his excellent taste and flavor, the Zamorano cheese has become one of the most reputable cheeses among the gourmets.