Mahón Menorca D.O. Cheese

  • Animal: Cow
  • Milk: Raw
  • Maturation: min. 2 months
  • Shelf life: 4 months
  • Packaging: 0,5; 2 & 3 kg
  • Certification: ES-ECO-013-IB, CRDO

Mahón is recognized by its sharpness and its lemony, salty flavour that resembles the rural Mediterranean seascape. Its rind contains a hard, crumby texture that gets darker with time. Consequently, Mahón is tangy, intense and delicious.

This cheese can be either fresh or cured, depending on the length of aging. It is made with unpasteurized cow´s milk that turns into an uncooked pressed paste through enzymatic coagulation.

After aging a month, the rind is rubbed with pure olive oil mixed with paprika. Eventually, the rind has to be smooth, oily and slightly orange. The interior is compact, with holes of different sizes, an ivory to bright yellow color, and brownish beige towards the edges.

The taste is very particular, slightly acidic and salty, but not buttery. It can be milky and humid when fresh, and dry, strong and piquant as the aging grows.