Organic Cheese Lazo | Small Format

  • Animal: Sheep
  • Milk: Raw
  • Rennet: Vegetable
  • Maturation: 3  months
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging: 950 g
  • Certification: ES-ECO-020-CV
  • Shape: Wrapping cloth

In Guadalajara´s countryside you might see this farm of Assaf sheeps that are milked every day. This milk is used in the elaboration of delicious and traditional cheeses.
Part of the philosophy of the organic production, respecting the EU standards 2092/91, is also to offer an alternative to vegetarians using natural non-animal rennet in the production of cheese. Really innovating, this process is the result of years of study, intents and quality control combined with the long tradition and know-how of these cheese-makers.

Many plants have coagulating properties. Enzymes from thistles or cardoons (cynara) are used in some traditional cheese productions in the Mediterranean, such as in Castellón. This vegetable rennet is totally suitable for vegetarians. 

These cheeses are available with different shapes. The big and small ties obtain their shape from the cloth they are wrapped in during the maturation. The Tronchón has the Maestrazgo traditional shape, which could be described as a volcano shape. The Serrano cheese presents the cylindrical original shape which is obtained during the maturation. Their flavor is a bouquet of aromas and their paste is homogeneous with few holes.