Organic (BIO) Natives Olivenöl Extra

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  • Präsentation: 250 ml /500 ml /750 ml / 1 l
    glas oder PET
  • Zertifizierung: CAAE

Smooth, Vibrant, Bold. Just like a fine wine, the varietal, climate and region determine an olive oil's taste. The flavour of this “Extra-Virgin Olive Oil” is new. Each year, harvest and lot are different and make each bottle unique. Oil is a living food; its aroma, colour and taste gradually develop until reaching its own fruity mature characteristic.

Crop growing is run according to the norms of organic agriculture which means without using herbicides, insecticides or other synthetic chemicals, thus avoiding residues. The oil is cold-extracted and then transferred to trujales (underground cellars lined with glazed tiles), before being filtered through paper filters to remove any particles of impurities whilst conserving all its flavour and the natural substances which are so beneficial to your health.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Edreira guarantees that every bottle contains raw “extra-virgin olive oil” from olives selected with tremendous carefulness using the tradition methods. The elaboration process of this oil begins in the olive grove, with a strict control of the olive, which is then carefully harvested by hand or with rod, according to the level of maturity of each olive grove. highest point is tSierra de Yeguas is in the north­western part of the region of Antequera at an altitude of 450m above sea level. The highest point is the Sierra de los Caballos at around 750m. In the past, as water was abundant, this locality was known as the “mother of barley”. At the moment its main crop is olives. It belonged to the Marquisate of Estepa until the middle of the 18th century. As a result, there is a great deal of varietal uniformity and, therefore, the oil obtained has a very uniform taste. There are around 5000 hectares of olive trees at the moment. The predominant olive variety is hojiblanca, with some arbequina.